Who We Are

The Intervale
Community Farm

Delicata squashICF is different than your typical CSA farm and your typical vegetable farm, in that our farmers are hired employees and have no ownership interest in the business, which is instead owned by interested CSA members through a consumer cooperative. Also distinctive is that all of our CSA shares are distributed on the farm, in the Intervale. As a result, we emphasize making the farm an approachable, enjoyable, and engaging destination, suitable for all ages.

We operate with community needs at the forefront: not for individual profit, nor for wider organizational purpose. From produce selection, on-farm activities, and member control, to affordability, training new farmers, and community partnerships, the ICF exists to serve our members.

Along with many other fine Vermont farms, we share a commitment to growing a wide range of fresh, delicious vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit for our members’ enjoyment.  We aim to provide top-quality produce for a good consumer value.

ICF has a long-standing commitment to food, community, land, and farmers, and we would welcome your interest in our growing farm!

Down in the Intervale

The Intervale is in a unique agricultural neighborhood spread out over a fertile, ancient flood plain alongside the Winooski River. Thousands of years ago, the native Abanaki people farmed this very same land. The non-profit Intervale Center owns, leases, and manages 350 acres in the Intervale, and has led the transformation of the Intervale area from Burlington’s sleepy river bottom to a bustling hub of agriculture, recreation, and ecosystem stewardship.

The Intervale Center subleases land to over a dozen independently owned farms within the Intervale area, of which ICF is the oldest and largest. Learn more about the Intervale Center, farm activities, and their other programs at www.intervale.org.

In addition to farming, the Intervale has become a year-round recreation destination, with walking and cycling trails during spring, summer, and fall, and a groomed cross country ski trail system in the winter months. For info on cycling and skiing in the Intervale, please see www.localmotion.org.



ICF 2012 Staff. Back row (L-R): Emily Irwin, Erik Rehman, Silas Branson, Jill Rotondo, Kathie Sullivan. Front row: Andy Jones, Aly Martelle, Iona Woolmington, Becky Maden.

ICF has two full-time, year-round employees and a part-time year-round bookkeeper/ administrator. The remaining staff members are seasonal employees, with some experienced returnees serving in key roles. We have eight full-time staff in the summer, with fewer in the spring and fall. Most years, we also host farm apprentices as part of the staffing mix. Training aspiring farmers is one of the goals of the ICF, and education about farming is part of achieving this.

Andy JonesAndy Jones has managed the Intervale Community Farm since 1993, and is one of the pioneers of the CSA movement in Vermont. Andy’s diverse skills, optimistic outlook, and incredible vision have helped the farm grow into the largest CSA in Vermont. Andy wears many hats at ICF – financial planner, mechanic, carpenter, community builder, teacher, and horticulturist. Along with the farm’s Board of Directors, Andy has built the farm into the wonderful community resource that it exists as today. Besides his incredible dedication to the Intervale Community Farm, Andy has served on the NOFA-VT board, the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Grower’s Association board, and has been a sought after speaker in many classes and workshops relating to agriculture. Andy attributes much of his farming success to a high consumption of coffee. He also enjoys eating vegetables in all stages of growth and loves to share the farm with his wife Helen and sons Davis and Ian.

Becky MadenBecky Maden first came to ICF in 1999 as a seasonal staff member and returned full-time in 2005 as Assistant Farm Manager. Becky has worked on several diverse vegetable farms throughout the country and around the world. At ICF, Becky is either found in the greenhouse, on a tractor, or jogging between the two. She also writes the farm newsletter, Bottom Land News. In her time spent away from the farm, Becky loves to travel, write, bike, run, ski, and cook bounteous meals with glorious produce.



Kathie SullicanKathie Sullivan joined us in 2011 as the new bookkeeper/membership manager after being a part of the farm as a member since 2000. Her background as a teacher, librarian and information manager will fit nicely with the work of managing the farm’s 500-plus members and helping members navigate through the workings of the farm. “Information is information, whether it’s legal, personal, or farm member records,” Kathie says. Kathie is a native Vermonter and enjoys gardening and growing vegetables at her home in Colchester, as well as running a consulting and research business. As well as managing all member information, she is managing ICF’s first steps into social media to communicate with members.

Interested in working at the Intervale Community Farm?
Please email us to learn about current and upcoming opportunities.

Board of Directors

Different from most CSAs, ICF is a consumer cooperative governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership at its annual meeting. In conjunction with the Farm Manager, the Board sets the overall goals of the organization and the Farm Manager is then charged with achieving those ends using appropriate means. Overall, the system functions well, with the membership involved at the governance level, and the staff charged with all operations. The ICF Board of Directors exists to represent the interests of the ICF membership. This member-elected group wants to hear what you think! Contact them with any thoughts:

Bonnie Acker – AckerArts@aol.com

Kara Buchanan – karabuchanan@gmail.com

Madelyn Cataford – madelyn_cataford@hotmail.com

J. Ladd – jladd@burlingtontelecom.net

Christopher McCandless – jmccandl@together.net

Abby McGowan – amcgowan@uvm.edu

Elisabeth Mickenberg – lismickenberg@gmail.com