Ski the Intervale!

Enjoy the Intervale in its winter snowscape splendor – strap on a pair of skis and explore the fields and woods of our food shed, blanketed in snow.  Local Motion maintains a three-mile groomed trail that begins at Tommy Thomson Community Gardens.  So plan a little extra time next time you come down for your Winter Share pickup – or better yet, bring the whole family down for a special trip and savor the beauty of this land.  Click here if you are interested in volunteering with Local Motion or would like to donate to keep the Intervale Skiing thriving!

One thought on “Ski the Intervale!

  1. Thanks ICF for letting us use some of your land for the groomed XC ski trail! We’re thrilled you are helping us host Wintervale Days this season on February 6 and February 20 from 10am to 1pm. Everyone is encouraged to come down, demo some snowshoes or skis and explore the Intervale!

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