Farm Disaster

It’s an uncomfortably familiar pattern: widespread heavy rainfall brings Winooski River flooding, resulting in crop losses and letters of explanation.

ICF Main Gate, Monday 8/29/11, 4pm

Irene, alas, repeated the pattern.  ICF suffered the worst flood in our 22-year history yesterday, with all fields inundated and the river flowing through our buildings.   The full impact of the flooding won’t be known until we’ve had a chance to assess the farm at lower river levels we hope we expect to see today or tomorrow.  Suffice it to say that Irene caused a huge disruption in our already challenging season.

Bright spots are hard to find right now, but we are heartened by the enthusiastic and dedicated energies of members and friends that joined in our efforts to salvage as much of the harvest as possible on Friday, Saturday, and Monday.   Likewise, ICF is much more fortunate than many upriver and elsewhere throughout the state.

Intervale Road, Monday 8/29/11, 4:30pm

For now, we will continue our regular pickups until we’ve exhausted the food we rescued before the flooding.  We’ll update you with information regarding the season and CSA pickups on a regular basis, as we are able to make sense of the landscape.  Thank you all for your understanding and support during this challenging season.

2 thoughts on “Farm Disaster

  1. Such terrible news about the extent of the flooding. I am glad I was able to help a bit on Saturday. I am also very glad that the farm is run as a coop and that its survival does not depend on the success of this year’s crop. We all signed up to share the risk as well as the bounty, and now we all share the burden. Hang in there, farmers! We are with you.

  2. We love ICF and are so sorry for all the additional trials for “our” farmers this season! Whatever the yield this year, we’re all enriched by being part of the farm.

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