Making shares affordable

ICF places considerable importance on remaining affordable to people of varying incomes. We achieve this through two primary means.

Share Value

First, ICF aims to keep our share value index at a level that makes ICF one of the most economical sources for local, organic produce. This sometimes means that we don’t grow the fanciest produce, instead opting for a broad array of excellent quality staples from broccoli to potatoes, tomatoes to salad greens.  You can see how ICF stacks up to local retail prices for comparable produce in recent seasons in the graph below:

2007-2012 ShareValueChart

Supported Share Program

Second, we maintain an internally-funded program that halves the cost of CSA shares for members with qualifying incomes, serving at least 10%of our membership annually. If you qualify for 3SquaresVT, WIC, or similar programs, please contact Kathie Sullivan,, for more information about our Supported Share Program.  In over 15 years of the program, more than 500 CSA shares have been sold at these reduced rates, and our program has become a model for other CSAs around Vermont and the country.

Greenstamps: rewards for reducing driving

  • If you carpool, walk, bike, etc. to pick-up, tell us when you check in to get a Greenstamp.
  • Cash Greenstamps in at any time to get a dollar off bread, eggs, or cheese, or to pick twice as much of a PYO crop.