Organizational Resources

ICF uses an number of different management and governance tools, and has a number of organizational documents that we’ve carefully crafted over the years.  See our Organizational Resources Page for more info on the topics below.

    • Policy Governance, a governance structure used by the ICF Board to steer and evaluate the organization.
    • Intervale Community Farm Ends, a synopsis of our major organizational priorities.
    • Cooperatives, concerning why ICF is a cooperative, and a bit about co-ops generally.
    • Bylaws, how the ICF membership legally controls the Farm. 

Farming Resources

Over the years, we’ve had the great fortune of working with talented farmers, leaders, and advisors – and we’ve learned even more on our own through trial and error. We are happy to share information about varieties, weed control, planning tools, and so forth with many other farms. In addition to providing mutual moral support and technical assistance, the more established farms in the Intervale founded a cooperative to share tractors, farm equipment, and greenhouses. While ICF owns our own fleet of tractors and maintains a complex of greenhouse structures, we benefit greatly from sharing tools with our neighbor farms.  Check our Farmer and Technical Resources page.